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Established in 2021

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NSP is a family owned business with the ultimate goal of promoting firearm skills and knowledge to train safe and responsible gun owners in our community

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NSP is built on a foundation of education, training, and experience

NSP strives to make pistol and the CA CCW permit training process as convenient and effective as possible for new and experienced gun owners. NSP maintains specific instructor to student ratios and offers various hand’s-on course options. With training ranging from the Basics of Pistol Shooting to NRA and USCCA CCW courses, NSP wants to provide gun owners with options to continue their education and training. In addition, NSP also offers NRA basic rifle courses to introduce safe handling skills and fundamentals. These courses provide an opportunity for a parent or guardian to accompany an interested youth through the learning program. A great experience for both participants!

Whether you have never held a firearm, or you have been a concealed carry permit holder for multiple years, courses are designed so each participant takes away valuable and timely information and builds a solid foundation of responsible gun ownership. NSP is committed to improving the safety of firearm activities in our community, and to being more than a “check the box” training experience.

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Dr. Nick Perjanik

With many years of educating others, Nick brings his effective training approach to NSP Firearms Instruction courses. In addition to being an avid pistol and rifle enthusiast and a volunteer in multiple organizations, Nick is a member of several local shooting clubs and enjoys training those in his community. As a lifelong learner with certifications as a California DOJ Firearms Instructor; Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) Instructor, USSCA CCW and Home Self Defense Instructor; NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor, NRA Rifle Instructor, NRA CCW Instructor, and NRA Range Safety Officer, Nick adheres to industry accepted curriculums and standards for classroom and range instruction. He provides relevant, timely, and experience-based knowledge in a positive hands-on teaching environment. Outside of firearms instructing, Nick is a Director of Operations for an international electrical testing organization, a CA DRE Broker, a husband of nearly 30 years, and father to an active Navy sailor, and a UC law student.