NSP Firearms Instruction

Training to develop a safe, confident, and responsible foundation of firearm ownership

Where safety is fundamental in all shooting activities in our community

Training courses and curriculum options

Whether new to firearms training or interested in securing a California CCW, NSP provides county, NRA, and USCCA nationally recognized curriculum options. We are firm believers that training should come from different sources for one to continuously learn.

Certified instructors
NSP instructors maintain respective certifications through the California DOJ, Utah BCI, NRA, and USCCA.
County CCW Approved
All CCW courses meet or exceed the initial and renewal permit requirements of the identified local counties.
Progressive Training Courses
Nationally recognized courses build upon each other and focus on safety, handling, shooting techniques, and personal defense strategies.
All 8 Hr. and 16 Hr. NRA and USCCA courses include published materials. NRA or USCCA membership is not a requirement of attending any NSP course.
Flexible Options
Flexible and customized private, family, and group courses and training are available. Custom curriculums can be provided.
A Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) required to purchase a CA. firearm can be secured during courses for an additional fee.